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What is Dance Therapy ?

Dance Therapy takes into account the person's potentials as a whole, using its convening power on the psyche of danced movement.

It mainly arises from modern dance and puts the emphasis on the value of lived experience of dance as a mediator of the relationship to oneself and the world.

Dance Therapy can thus concern extremely varied audiences and can be applied to various fields: psychopedagogical, social, nursing, personal development.

Proposed training

We offer different possibilities of discovering Dance Therapy, training or perfectioning oneself : (Voir le programme)

  • Open workshops « discovery of art therapy » from 10am to 12:30 : Friday 15/11/2013 – Friday 10/01/2014 – Friday 14/03/2014 – Friday 16/05/2014
    For more information contact the secretariat of the Schola Cantorum.
  • Open awareness module (40 hours) : septembre 2015.
    Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday : 10am to 5:30 pm
    Thursday : 9:30am to 5:30pm
    Saturday 10am to 5pm
  • Specific training programme in dance movement therapy over 2 years. Courses beginning : October 2015. The Dance Therapy programme of the Schola Cantorum is recognised by the European Association of Dance Therapy.
  • Possibility of supervision.

The proposed trainings benefit from the experience and the follow-up of a pedagogical team constituted by dance professionals and academics, under the direction of Sylvie GARNERO.

Within the framework of exchanges between the Schola Cantorum and the School of Practicing Psychologists (EPP), the psychology module is delivered by the teachers of EPP and the awareness module is open to EPP students.

General objectives of the training

The practice of the movement's fundamentals is focussed on a number of workshops and conferences enabling to explore the links between dance and therapy, to apprehend the challenges and be capable of elaborating a therapeutic system.

It is based on the two currently predominant movements of Dance Therapy :

  • The Labanalysis and its therapeutic applications
  • The authentic movement / creative dance, constituting specific tools.

The emphasis is put on a pragmatic approach, in conjunction with the theoretical reference data.

Concerned public

  • Choregraphic artists and dance teachers
  • Art therapists
  • Health and education students and professionals, having a sufficient experience in dancing.

Registration formalities

Are taken into consideration for admission :

  • The artistic level
  • The academic level
  • Personal implication within the field of therapy
  • Practical experience and professional project

Possibilities of equivalences, personalised training opportunities and completion of the programme over 4 years can be considered on a case by case basis.
Send the full application package, accompanied by a motivation letter, to the Schola Cantorum.

Pedagogical responsible: Sylvie GARNERO, dance therapist, child psychiatrist, contemporary dance teacher, president of SFDT.

Timeframe planned for reception

Friday, november 21th, 1pm

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