The Association of Friends of the Schola Cantorum was created to provide moral and material support by bringing together all the people who love and defend this institution in order to support, support and participate in the projects and achievements that it initiates.

There are a thousand and one ways to help Schola Cantorum:

  • Continue to make it better known to the public
  • Support it materially
  • To contribute to the life of the school

By choosing to help the Schola, you can favor a personal action that is most important to you, such as:

  • The granting of Scholarships for the students of the School
  • Participation in the restoration of the Hôtel des Bénédictins Anglais, a historic building that has housed the Schola since 1900
  • The list is not exhaustive

More concretely and in the short term, the Schola Cantorum must face several imperatives:

  • For its future development: The fitting out and restoration of new buildings (formerly the old foyer adjoining the school that the Schola has recovered and which must be rehabilitated)
  • Restoration and maintenance of the architectural heritage of the main building, namely :
  1. The great organ of the Schola: after more than a hundred years of good and loyal service, the great monumental organ of our concert hall requires complete restoration and lifting.
  2. The large Vincent d’Indy Salon: witness and jewel of 17th century architecture, this salon which dates from 1674 requires an identical restoration.
  3. The César Franck concert hall: historic hall, former convent chapel, model of acoustic perfection. Restoration of architectural elements from the 17th and 18th centuries.